The second nickname I remember having as a kid was “Eggboy”. 
(the first one was “hotdog”, but that’s a whole other story)

You see, my father Sam was the Egg King of Toronto, kind of like Abe Froman from the Ferris Bueller movie but with eggs instead of sausages.

He started Kwinter Packers in the mid 70’s, which under the Egg King brand produced liquid and frozen pasteurized egg in plastic 40-pound pails. When the company started, he had employees sitting at stainless steel tables with holes in the top, breaking thousands of eggs by hand that dropped into pails below prior to pasteurizing.

The finished product would be either refrigerated or frozen and sold to companies that used egg in their raw materials. Whole egg to bakeries and pasta manufacturers, Yolk to mayonnaise and salad dressing companies and Whites to only one company who produced Angel Food Cakes. Back then, Whites on their own were almost thought of as the waste of the egg!

During my school summer breaks I would drive around the city in a white station wagon, affectionately known as the “Egg Mobile”, delivering these 40 pound pails. That was my entry into the world of Body Building and first ticket to The Gun Show as I used to slug them one in each hand from the wagon to the customer’s cooler or freezer, sometimes up a flight of stairs, all day long! I remember one Catering company owner that made me parade in front of his female employees, at their request, carrying the pails, or else he wouldn’t sign my bill of lading. Politically incorrect today, but an extreme ego booster back then!

When I completed school, I decided to work with my Egg King father full time in the Egg Business. By then, he had Breaking Machines that automatically cracked and separated the eggs and piped them directly into a refrigerated holding tank ready to be pasteurized. We had moved from the original location to a bigger facility in the Keele & Lawrence area of Toronto. After my workday had finished, my weight training began. There was a hardcore gym just down the street from us called Ron’s Gym. My father actually introduced me to it, as he was periodically working out there. I still proudly display the trophy that Ron gave him when on his 75th birthday he leg pressed 350lbs! A lot of the guys from the gym knowing that I was in the egg business asked me if I would sell them Egg Whites. That is when I realized the potential Egg White had as a premium protein source and so much more than just an ingredient. This was many years before Egg Whites started to show up at your local grocery store!

Fast forward to 2013. My Father has since passed away and I am now involved in the largest and most state of the art Egg Processing facility in Canada Called EggSolutions. A lot of the customers that I used to personally deliver pails to now take their egg in 2000lb plastic totes. I would definitely have a problem curling those, but I am still working out daily and monitoring my nutritional intake. To supplement my protein, I was using whey protein powders all the while I was literally sitting above the purest form of protein in the world! Egg White is now a staple for many fitness-conscious consumers but there needed to be something better and easier than regular liquid egg whites.

I embarked on a mission to develop a flavored Egg White drink that tasted incredible and could be consumed right out of the fridge with no mixing, a super clean nutritional deck with naturally high protein, zero fat, zero sugar and zero cholesterol. 

Mission accomplished!

I now drink LIQUID MUSCLE at least 3 times a day. I love the texture and all of our amazing flavors. It tastes like the perfect milkshake without the milk and I know that I am eating clean with only a handful of ingredients.

I hope you love it as much as I do!

David Kwinter
Founder and eggboy.
LQM Nutrition
Powered by Egg WhitesTM



Protein’s powerful position in the food and beverage landscape can be attributed to a variety of reasons, primarily being increased consumer knowledge about the health benefits of consuming protein. Some key benefits consumers associate with protein consumption include improved satiety, sustained energy, and improved muscle development and retention as well as weight management. Egg White is the World’s purest and cleanest form of protein. LIQUID MUSCLE delivers more protein than other products on the market with extremely fewer ingredients and a super clean nutritional deck. LIQUID MUSCLE is perfect for Health Care, Fitness and Food Service.